ER70S-G the welded seam has much higher tensile and yield strength

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Description: ER70S-G except the normal elements of si、Mn etc, it also contains Ti, which can produce more stable arc, less saptters and fumes, and also the welded seam has much higher tensile and yield strength. Application: It has excellent function when welding under high electricity current, suitable for welding thin steel plate,usually used for ship building, bridge,steel structure and engineering machinery. Conform with: GB/T: ER50-G JIS: YGW11 AWS: ER70S-G
Packaging Wire Size Spool Size Net Weight
φ0.8~1.6(mm) D100mm D200mm D270mm D300mm K300mm 1kg、5kg、15kg、17kg、18kg、20kg
chemical composition of welding wire(%) C Mn Si P S Cr Ni Cu
≤0.15 1.40~1.90 0.55~1.10 ≤0.030 ≤0.030 ≤0.10 0.12~0.20 ≤0.50
Mechanical Properties or Deposited Metal Yield strengthσ0.2(Mpa) Tensile strengthσb(Mpa) Elongationδ5(%) AKV impact(J)
≥420 500~600 ≥22 ≥47(-20)
Wire Size(mm) φ0.8 φ0.9 φ1.0 φ1.2 φ1.6 Welding position  src=
Welding current(A) 50~180 50~200 80~250 100~350 250~500
Please be noted Wire shall be stocked in the packs just when welding to avoid the wire rust.Before welding please clean out the oil,rust,water etc from the work parts
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