ER304 uesd in the boller heating sunface pipe

Uses: Mainly uesd in the boller heating sunface pipe, the heating? furnace components, the heat interchanger, the stove, the converter, the nozzle, the oxidation resistance temperature below 870℃. Conform with:AWS:ER304  YB/T:H0Cr18Ni9 Gas shield welding wires mainly include varieties for carbon steel, weathering resistant steel, heat resistant steel, low-temperature steel, high-strength steel, etc. If you are interested in our production process, please contact us for inspection or video inspection in time WE SOLVE QUALITY PROBLEMS THAT WE ASK BACK AND ARRANGE NEW PRODUCTS . WE CHECK EVERY DETAILS CAREFULLY AGAIN . WE AFFORD CUSTOMER LOST. We use a layered design for barreled welding wire to ensure better use and preservation of the product.